We Aid Diabetics Nationwide
There are many ways that we can aid diabetics. We can help with immediate cash or supplies if you are unable to afford them. We can also help with other supplemental income as well or perhaps with discounted, pharmaceauticals, medical supplies, equipment and imaging etc. We first need to have input from you. Call Us at (814) 817-5520
How We Help
First and foremost, we pay cash for your extra diabetic supplies and other items of value to get you much needed cash immediately. We also will help you with other means of supplemental income and insurance's. We will compare your current situation to all that is available to see if there is additional aid available for you. Call Us at (814) 817-5520
Who We Are
We are a Diabetes Care Group that provides much needed services for us diabetics. Our goal is to aid diabetics with Cash, Supplies and Education. We began in 2009 by our founder who lost his insurance and was unable to pay full retail pricing for supplies. A need was there and as it turns out, not just for him, but many. Call Us at (814) 817-5520
Welcome To Our Site, Here's How to Navigate

The three boxes below show an excerpt of recent articles in our blog. To read the full article scroll to top of page and click on "Blog". First be sure to go to "Contact Us" and fill out the form so that we can begin to determine how we can be of help to you.

Free eBook: 25 Favorite Family Recipes and 25 Money Saving Tips
Here we have a FREE eBook for you and we have a request. Take note first that this recipe book is just the beginning of much free content to come. Now, keep in mind that we do not ask outright for cash contributions, we will do all we can to support[...] Read More → By Clicking on "Blog" at top of page. If your in a hurray, Call Us at (814) 817-5520
Cash Available NOW for your extra supplies.
CASH NOW. Could you use some cash now, today? We are offering cash payments on sight for your extra test strips and perhaps supplies as well. We also purchase just about anything of value, We generally look toward computers and electronics but like stated, anything of value. Read more by clicking on "Blog" on the Menu at top of page. If your in a hurray, Call Us at (814) 817-5520
Boost Your Retirement Income 7 Different Ways
Retirement contributes almost 1/3 of a person’s life. It is for this reason that retirement should be given preparation and planning. Many Americans forget to save or just ignore their retirement. It’s very easy when you are young to think you have time to consider retirement later. However, the years[...] Read More by clicking on "Blog" at top of page, If your in a hurray, Call Us at (814) 817-5520
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